Bridge construction

MSE Kraków is a company specializing in the fabrication and installation of bridge structures of about 60 meters spans. We mainly deal with welded steel bridge structures together with corrosion protection. We also make ongoing repairs, and maintenance of steel bridges on customer request. Renovation of bridge structures consist mainly in replacing the corroded portions of the supporting bolts, rivets, as well as their cleaning and painting.
We have developed our experience successively since 2011 in the production and installation of steel structures for single and multi-span bridges and suspension elements of articulated supports for precast concrete and timber bridges. Steel structures of bridges are executed in accordance with EN 1090 and the Norwegian General Specification 2.

photo – Trajan’s bridge over Danube River, which was built in 104 AD

Bridge structures – sample projects

The history of bridge structures

Bridge structures were already known by the primitive people, who at first used the wood, above all, for the crossings to the other side of the river. The world’s oldest bridge structures, which have survived to this day, are hanging bridges, built mainly from wood and lianas. The period of the Roman Empire saw the greatest flourishing of construction of bridge structures. A perfect example is Trajan’s bridge over Danube River, which was built in 104 AD, as well as Pont Nu Gard aqueduct built in the valley of Gard River in 26 B.C. The longest stone bridge dating from the Middle Ages was built in 1357 in the time of Emperor Charles, it was a bridge on Vltava river. In 1870, that bridge structure was baptized and called with the name of the then-ruler. It is almost 516 meters long and 9.5 meters wide. To strengthen the construction egg whites were added to the mortar. Today the longest bridge structure in the world is Danyang-Kunshan Chinese wall, which is located on the route of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail. It has a length of 164.8 km. While the highest bridge structure is currently Millau Viaduct in France, which reached 343 meters in height.

photo – fragment of the bridge structure of Danyang-Kunshan Chinese wall

photo – Pont du Gard bridge structure was built in the valley of Gard river in 26 B.C.

photo – the tallest bridge structure – Millau viaduct