Rotary heat exchangers

MSE Kraków is a company dealing with repairs, and installation of rotary heat and exhaust exchangers (LUVO, GAVO). We also specialize in services for those devices of the largest producers in Europe including:

Rotary heat exchangers – sample projects

The history of rotary heat exchangers

Rotary heat exchangers were created by Fredrik Ljungström. He was a Swedish designer and engineer. In the early twentieth century, he patented the world’s first regenerative heat exchanger. Thanks to its idea, through the use of the air preheater it was possible to manage the reduction fuel consumption by 25%. In the recently used boilers, the rotary heat exchangers are used for heating up to 10-20 degrees which improves the operation of the boiler by 1%, which in fact allows for huge savings on fuel and reduces costs associated with penalties for emissions of CO2 and SO2.

photo – the first rotary heat exchanger of Ljungstrom

photo – diagram of the rotary heat exchanger

download: PDF file containing information about rotary heat exchanger of Fredrik Ljungström