Steel structures

MSE Kraków in its scope offers a comprehensive execution of steel structure designs involving the construction of halls with an area up to 400m2, steel structures for the energy and petrochemical industries. Thanks to qualified fitters and welders, we also offer installation of steel structures of halls.

Steel Tanks

Our offer includes rolled vertical tanks, tanks for compressed air, tanks of acid resistant steel for the food, petrochemical and energy industries, steel water tanks, steel and acid-resistant both single-shell and double-shell tanks, for which we offer production and full service including comprehensive repair and installation and protection of provided materials.

Working abroad

As part of the works conducted both in Poland and in Europe we offer, for those interested, work for both welders and fitters. Are you interested? Go to our questionnaire.

Industrial piping

We perform installation, repair and overhaul

  • Low- and high-pressure fittings with supply systems,
  • Energy and heating pipelines,
  • Pipelines based on steel, acid-resistant (stainless) pre-insulated, steam pipes
  • Turbine fittings,

Bridge construction

We have experience successively developed since 2011 in the production and installation of steel structures for single and multi-span bridges and suspension elements of articulated supports for, precast concrete and timber bridges. Steel structures of bridges are executed in accordance with EN 1090 and the Norwegian General Specification 2.

Industrial machinery

The executed maintenance work in the power industry and industry also includes comprehensive repairs of machinery and industrial equipment as rotary heat exchangers (GAWO, LUVO), shell and tube heat exchangers, electric and industrial actuators.

Industrial machinery

We service rotary heat exchangers and air exhaust in the scope of:

  • packets replacement,
  • seals replacement,
  • replacement and regeneration of hydraulics and control, removal and installation of shaft, bearings, blowers.

Shell and tube heat exchangers

MSE Kraków is engaged in the production and installation of shell and tube heat exchangers. We manufacture heat exchangers according to Customer’s documentation, as well as, have the opportunity to design documentation for the application of new materials and increased efficiency of the device. We also deal with the modernization of chemical apparatus consisting mainly in replacing insulation, cleaning, and replacing worn and deformed parts. We hard-face wall and chambers elements, and perform partial or complete piping replacement.