Quality Policy

Commitment of MSE Kraków:
The Company is obliged to provide services of the highest quality and reliability in business dealings with subcontractors.
The commitment ensures that:
– working and supply conditions are fully secure,
– workers are treated with respect and dignity,
– production processes are environmentally friendly and conducted with full social responsibility.
To ensure proper relationships with subcontractors, MSE Kraków has drawn up a code of conduct. Full text of the Code is available in PDF form below.

Anti-corruption policy

MSE Kraków is committed to conduct its business in accordance with applicable laws and rules. MSE Kraków cares about the regulations and the highest ethical standards published in the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics. The aim of the anti-corruption policy is to maintain a commitment of full compliance with the guidelines published in the “anti-corruption guide for entrepreneurs – an entrepreneur in an environment of corruption risks” of the company, its partners, employees, officers and directors.
More information on the company’s policy can be found in the documentation at the bottom of the page.