Industrial piping

Industrial piping is one of the main specializations of MSE Kraków. Our company has extensive experience in welding heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant pipes in coal and nuclear power plants. MSE Kraków deals with production, supply andinstallation of industrial steel pipes designed primarily to transport water and steam.

We perform installation, repair and overhaul:

  • Low- and high-pressure fittings with supply systems,
  • Energy and heating pipelines,
  • Pipelines based on steel, acid-resistant (stainless) pre-insulated, steam pipes
  • Turbine fittings,

Industrial piping – sample projects

The history of industrial pipelines

Industrial piping was initiated in ancient Rome. That was where fresh water was, on a large scale, supplied to cities from remote areas using the method of continuing runoff. In the 2nd Century AD almost a million people lived in Rome, who were provided with 11 aqueducts with a total length of 420 km, of which 47 were lead beneath the surface. This structure was providing million cubic meters of water daily. Pipes were built of terracotta or lead, all in a brick enclosure mounted under the ground, which was supposed to protect the water from contamination and its takeover by an enemy. Robust design ensured their survival to the present day, the best example is, Aqua Marcia aqueduct built in 144 BC, and operating to date.Nowadays the industrial pipelines are used not only to transport water, but also oil and gas on thousands of kilometers.

photo – the first “industrial” Roman lead pipeline
The longest gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to Shanghai with a length of 8700 km